2020 has led to some challenges and the game has been on hiatus since the pandemic struck. The original plan was to shape the story based on feedback from players across the world. We also had plans to do a streamed game weekly and integrate that into the story. Unfortunately with the fall of conventions and the work related issues it caused I had to make the decision to stop for a bit. This was never intended to just be a game of a handful of people writing modules. I wanted to tell the story of Critters as a whole, as they played and had their own adventures alongside a weekly show. There were a lot of very grand plans that fell down quite hard and while sad that’s kinda how the year fell out.

Things are changing though. Work will become stable after the holidays have passed and some of the issues holding back the release of modules will be solved. The original plan of this game was to have a campaign level 1 to 20 set entirely in Exandria (and within that Tal’Dorei). My reasoning for it being organized play was that no matter what happens to your home/store/convention/online game your character would always be able to pick up on another module no matter who you’re playing with or what season we got to. This is why the only requirement was log sheets and a tier (and gear) appropriate character.

In the intervening time a few books have come out, namely the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. I haven’t read Tasha’s yet (Its currently wrapped under my tree as far as I know.), but I will say most if not everything in the Wildemount guide won’t be legal for Living Tal’Dorei play for canon reasons. That guide is set 20 years from where we are now and things in it being prevalent on a different continent creates issues.

So we come down to “what’s the plan?”.  I’m going to begin writing again in the new year and putting a playtest group together. I’ll also be running a playthrough of our Campaign 1 via our discord and I encourage anyone interested to do the same on your own schedule. Conventions likely will not be a thing in 2021 if ever again so waiting for them isn’t doing the game any favors. All that being said I very much want to hear from anyone that’s played/run LT.

Living Tal’Dorei uses the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons rules system, (along with the supplemental Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting if desired) to quickly and easily create characters that can be brought to games anywhere Living Tal’Dorei is being played. Though the minds behind this community-based campaign series are based in New Jersey, it is our hope that we will be able to quickly grow this community and release content so that you can find and play in Living Tal’Dorei games literally anywhere, nationwide–including large-scale seasonal events.