New to Organized Play?

New to Organized Play?

What is “organized play”?

Living Tal’Dorei is an organized play system. Basically, this means it is a world-wide, ongoing campaign for 5e Dungeons & Dragons set in the world of Exandria. The campaign content is uploaded for download by GMs and players anywhere in the world. There are 2 goals of this system. The first is that players can create a character and bring that character to games anywhere Living Tal’Dorei is being played. The second is that we create a community story that all players can have a chance to impact personally.

What is the “PHB+1 Rule” during character creation?

In other systems of organized play, there was a PHB+1 rule which meant you could only use the 5e Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook + one other hardcover source book when creating a character, limiting certain race/class combinations.

Example: you could not build a Taxbaxi Swashbuckler, as the source material for that race/class combination came from Volo’s Guide to Mosnters and The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide—an illegal combination under that rule.

Living Tal’Dorei has no such rule. All printed, hardcover 5e Dungeons & Dragons source books are legal for character creation, in any combination. As long as the material is printed in one of the following 5e books, it is considered admissible for play, unless otherwise noted in the FAQs:

  • Player’s Handbook
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
  • Volo’s Guide to Monsters
  • Xanathar’s Guide to Everything
  • Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica
  • Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron
  • Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting

What are Factions?

Factions are a group of people who are united for a common goal.

Right now, the possible Factions available for membership are:

  • The Clasp is a guild of thieves, assassins, black merchants, and contract dealers that operates on a relatively amoral code of honor and respect. In recent years they have come into alliance with the more “upstanding” citizens of Emon, helping with the reconstruction of the city. Despite this, their nefarious reputation exists.
  • The Arcana Pansophical is a semi-secretive circle of arcane practitioners. They share information and maintain a network of dedicated to seeing that arcane justice is upheld. The Pansophical places emphasis on respectful behavior, morals, and positive political influence.
  • The Council of Tal’Dorei is the ruling body of Tal’Dorei, located in Emon. Joining this faction will not make your character part of the Council itself—but it is a foot in the door, and puts the character in a position to aid the city while earning a name for themselves.

What is Honor?

Honor represents the character’s progress within their Faction. Think of this as status points, where the more that are accrued equal a higher ranking—and more notoriety—within that Faction.

What can you do with Faction Honor?

Honor is accrued at the end of every completed module. Some Faction-specific missions will be coming in the second half of Season One—so stay tuned!

What are Off Hours?

Off Hours represent the time your character spends doing things outside of modules. Think of it as the rest of your rest of your characters life, when they are not adventuring.

What can you use Off Hours for?

Off Hours can be used to accomplish certain tasks. Currently Off Hours can be used for the following:

  • Scribing spells
    • Each single Off Hour spent is worth 8 hours of study towards learning new spells. Each individual spell level counts for 2 of those 8 hours. Fractions left over are lost so use your time wisely.
  • Bridging an XP gap when your character is on the cusp of entering a new tier.
    • Leveling from 4 to 5 costs 50 Off Hours
    • Leveling from 10 to 11 costs 100 Off Hours
    • Leveling from 16 to 17 costs 150 Off Hours
  • In the use of a Raise Dead, Resurrection, and True Resurrection (for more information on these services, see the FAQ section).

More Off Hours options will open up as the Seasons progress, so check back here!

What are Logsheets?

Logsheets are simply a log of the sessions you have played and what your character has received through that session’s game play: gold, items, Honor, Off Hours, and XP. We have one available for free download in the downloads section.

Do I need to maintain my Logsheet?

Absolutely. Tracking your gold, items, Faction Honor/Rank, and Off Hours will all be relevant. As we have had personal experience going back and trying to piece them together later, we assure you it is a pain in the #@$ and you would be far better off keeping track and logging each session after the game ends. This takes less than a minute and will save you a headache later.